"The evolution of mankind is littered with attempts to cross boundaries, to push limits, to break through to the unexplored, the unknown. As a species we constantly strive to harness the power of magic to learn, to experience something new."
Paul Saint


Beyond Limits...

Magic is all around us.  Despite advances in knowledge and in science, we cannot answer even the simplest questions about the universe we inhabit: How was it created?  What is at its furthest reaches? How does it all work? 

Paul Saint and his Assistant 

In this modern century, we are still learning.  The universe is filled with surprise, wonder and the unknown.  If we raise our heads, we can see that the world is alive with magic.

Remember as a child, the surprise and the wonder of discovering something unknown.  I always remember being amazed as tadpoles slowly transformed into frogs.  From that time, I have loved searching for the magic of life: the way in which the unknown surprises our rational minds.  My journey as a professional magician has been the search for illusions and effects that create child-like wonder.  I do not perform tricks that can easily be explained, I harness the power of wonder to help you truly experience real magic again.  

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